Lumenmax Reflector 3/Pack - 2/Boxes (12/Plt)

Lumenmax Reflector 3/Pack - 2/Boxes (12/Plt)

Sun System SE Reflectors

  • $269.95

The Lumenmax¨ is designed as a high performance commercial reflector for 1000 watt lamps. The vertical burning (base up) lamp configuration provides optimal light usage from the lamp. The fixture utilizes our proprietary 98% reflective German aluminum and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion. Lightweight all aluminum reflector with a heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel junction box. Detachable 15 ft lamp cord at the reflector and ballast. Minor assembly required. Patent pending No. 29/522,849. This reflector is optimized for use with both HPS 1000 watt lamps and the Philips CDM 860 watt 4000¡K AllStart Lamp (#901574). Sold to retailers in increments of 3 only.

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