Tappin' Roots Gallon - Nutrient (6/Cs) (FL & OR Label)

Tappin' Roots Gallon - Nutrient (6/Cs) (FL & OR Label)

Tappin' Roots

  • $96.00

TappinÕ Roots is a concentrated, 100% natural fertilizer that triggers fast, sustained growth in all plants. TappinÕ Roots is a proven recipe of willow tree extract, sea kelp and calcium that has been used by growers with amazing results for several generations. The secret to its success can be attributed to a unique ratio of naturally occurring growth hormones and micronutrients, along with a proprietary extraction process. TappinÕ Roots offers multiple benefits to plants at any stage of development, but works wonders on cuttings and transplants. It is safe to use on all plants, wonÕt burn tender roots, increases propagation success rate and virtually eliminates transplant shock.

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