Air Cooled DE Chill 1000W App 120/240V

Air Cooled DE Chill 1000W App 120/240V


  • $620.00

The Nanolux DE Chill is the first DE commercial overlap fixture of its type on
the market. The DE Chill is designed with an onboard ballast, is air cooled, and comes NCCS APP- ready. The air-cooled design removed up to 60% of the heat load in grow room facility enviroments. This greatly reduces the air conditioning required to maintain the growing envirment at desired temperatures. The fully enclosed design uses an optically quality glass lens which only reduces light output by 6%. This 6% reduction is easilty offset by the ability to lower your lights closer to your plants and therefore raising light intesties far above 20%. If left at the same height, one would only require 104 lights in a facility which would regulary require 100 open-style DE lights. The 4000W required to run the 4 additional lights and the small wattage draw for exhaust fans is minor compared to the savings from lower electrical comsumption required to AC the growroom.

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